welcome-to-the-punchMetropolis Movie Music will release a soundtrack album for the crime thriller Welcome to the Punch. The album features the film’s original music composed by Harry Escott (Shame, Hard Candy). The soundtrack will be released digitally in the UK on March 11, 2013. No word yet on a domestic release date. Welcome to the Punch is written and directed by Eran Creevy and stars James McAvoy as a detective who forms an unlikely union with a criminal as they uncover a conspiracy. Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough and Peter Mullan are co-starring. The thriller executive produced by Ridley Scott is set to be released on March 15 in the UK. IFC Films has picked up U.S. rights and has scheduled a theatrical release on March 27 followed by a VOD and digital release on March 30. To learn more about the film, visit IFC’s official movie website.

Here’s the album track list:

1. Titles
2. St. Botolph’s
3. Flight Fright
4. Drain Routine
5. Into The Sunset
6. Burning Hella
7. Flowers For Room 45
8. Flatlining
9. Waltz 1308
10. Near Kiss
11. The Greigo Mar
12. Punch 119
13. Leave A Message
14. Lay Sarah Lay
15. Geigar & Badham
16. You Were So Fresh
17. The Shug Rox
18. The Morgue
19. Thames Beach
20. Iris Warns
21. Punch Kincade
22. Letting Go
23. Shades Of Grey
24. L.A. – The Find