Back Lot Music has released a soundtrack album for the comedy The Change-Up. The album includes the film’s original score by composer John Debney, as well as a couple of tracks composed by Theodore Shapiro who was the original main composer of the movie. The soundtrack is available to download on iTunes, where you can listen to audio clips from all tracks. The Change-Up is directed by David Dobkin (The Wedding Crashers) and stars Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Leslie Mann, Alan Arkin and Olivia Wilde. The movie centers on a married guy who accidentally changes bodies with his single best friend and ends up pursuing a female coworker. The comedy was released earlier this month by Universal Pictures and is currently playing in theaters. To learn more about the film, visit the official movie webpage.

1. Peeing on a Statue / Titles – John Debney
2. Waking Up – Theodore Shapiro
3. The Lorno Suite – John Debney
4. Tatiana! – John Debney
5. You’re in My Body / To the Fountain! – John Debney
6. Changed Up –  Theodore Shapiro
7. Dressing Up Dave John Debney
8. Mitch’s Theme – Theodore Shapiro
9. Rotate Your Turret – John Debney
10. Change Up Piano / Jamie Cries – Theodore Shapiro
11. Baby Suite – John Debney
12. Mitch Evolves – John Debney
13. Rollerblading / I Love You, Daddy – John Debney
14. Baseball Afternoon – John Debney
15. The Kinkabe Merger – John Debney
16. We Could Wait a Day – John Debney
17. Lights Out / Schedule 4 Harrassment – John Debney
18. The Skipperling Tattoo Part 1  – Theodore Shapiro
19. Dave Is Dave & Mitch Is Mitch – John Debney
20. Anniversary Toast – John Debney
21. The Change-Up – Theodore Shapiro