Varese Sarabande Records has announced the details for the soundtrack release of the HBO drama Mildred Pierce. The music for the mini-series is written by Carter Burwell. The album includes Burwell’s original score, as well as number of classical pieces and songs featured in the series. The soundtrack will be released on May 3, 2011. To pre-order the album, visit Amazon. Audio clips can be found below. Mildred Pierce is directed by Todd Haynes and stars Kate Winslet, Evan Rachel Wood and Guy Pearce. The final two episodes will be premiering this Sunday on HBO. To find out more about the show, visit HBO’s official webpage.



Here’s the album tracklisting:

1.   Mildred Pierce Opening Titles (1:41)
2.   Milenberg Joys Performed by Glen Grey and The Casa Loma Orchestra (2:54)
3.   Hungry And Harried (3:46)
4.   Position Filled (2:38)
5.   I’m Always Chasing Rainbows Performed by Hal Kemp and The Carolina Club Orchestra (3:15)
6.   Mounting Monty (2:28)
7.   Self Assessment (1:40)
8.   Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor Performed by Robin Freund-Epstein  (5:07)
9.   Ray Dies (3:00)
10. Mildred Pierce End Titles (1:54)
11. One More Time Performed by Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks (2:53)
12. Moving On (2:22)
13. Mildred’s Escape (3:02)
14. Rachmaninoff: Prelude Performed by Robin Freund-Epstein (1:41)
15. Away From You (3:55)
16. Delibes: The Bell Song from “Lakmé”
Performed by Dilber and The Estonia Opera Orchestra, Conducted by Eri Klas (8:19)
17. Amongst Graves (1:35)
18. Easy To Love Performed by Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks (2:49)
19. Veda’s Window (3:05)
20. The Big Night (2:09)
21. Bellini: Qui La Voce from “I Puritani” Performed by English Chamber Opera with Sumi Jo (4:11)
22. Blindsided (3:43)
23. I’m Always Chasing Rainbows Performed by Sumi Jo (1:29)
24. My Reverie Performed by Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks (3:28)
25. I Don’t Need You Either (2:34)
26. To Hell With Her (2:15)
27. Brought Home (:46)

  1. Christine McGill says:

    I’m very disappointed with this tracklisting….none of the songs that made the film so wonderful are even on here. Where’s all the great music from the 30’s and 40’s …The Way You Look Tonight, Frenesi…and so many more…including I’m Always Chasing Rainbows sung by Judy Garland that played as the credits rolled at the end of the film. Not buying this soundtrack.

  2. Allan McDonald says:

    I agree I was interested in seeing who was Veda’s voice and to get a complete discography. If one goes to the trouble to be so accurate in the filming and the costuming the same should apply to acknowledging the music used.

  3. Bob says:

    Part 4: during the opening sceen, what is the name of the song playing in the background? It sounds like a Glen Miller tune [ clarnets playing ] ?

    • Jessie says:

      I wanted to know the same thing. It’s called “Stompin’ at the Savoy” performed by Benny Goodman and his orchestra.

  4. Jan says:

    I’m very disappointed in the tracklisting as well. As soonas the movie was finished,
    I researched when the soundtrack would be released, expecting all of the classical
    and old tunes that I loved. Who cares about all the other boring music?
    As a result I won’t be buying it.

  5. Russ says:

    Also interested in seeing a more complete track list. A number of items are not shown, such as, who sang “Casta Diva” from Bellini`s opera “Norma”? Sounds like Montserrat Caballé, but damned if one can tell from the information put out there.

  6. Mary says:

    In Part 4 there is a song playing on the radio that sounds like a “stomp” fast tune with clarinets (Kate Winslet is on the phone but goes into the living room where Veda is and turns down the radio)….does anyone know the name of that song and who it’s by (as it is NOT on the sound track)? thanks

    • Clare Taylor says:

      Pretty sure it’s Benny Goodman – terrific, I remember my Dad playing it a lot but I don’t know the title

    • Clare Taylor says:

      Changed my mind – I think it may be Artie Shaw

  7. Mary says:

    P.S. The song I’m refering to is NOT “Stompin at the Savoy” by Benny Goodman