Last weekend, George Fenton performed with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra for the first part in the orchestra’s Masters of Film Music series. Selections from Fenton’s scores including Dangerous Liaisons, Ever After and Anna and the King were performed and Andy Tennant, director and long time collaborator of Fenton (most recently on The Bounty Hunter, Fool’s Gold and Hitch) was providing guest narration. Check out a short interview in the Dallas Voice and watch a video with Fenton talking about the concert and his career at The33TV.Com.

Fenton has a number of projects coming up. Ken Loach’s Route Irish, which premiered at last year’s Cannes Film Festival will be released mid-March in Europe, while no announcement for a domestic release has been made. The film tells the story of a private security contractor in Iraq who rejected the official explanation of his friend’s death and sets out to discover the truth.

Fenton is also writing the music for BBC’s nature documentary series Frozen Planet. The series is produced by the filmmakers of the award-winning documentaries The Blue Planet and Planet Earth, for which Fenton also provided the music. The seven-part series will focus on the life in the Arctic and Antarctic and is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2011 in England and early 2012 in the US. Check out the BBC website to find out more information on the project.

  1. SNOOPI says:

    Is any cd release planned for George FENTON score ?